Is A Blog The Platform You Need?
Z Sokołowa Blogging Is A Blog The Platform You Need?

Is A Blog The Platform You Need?

Is A Blog The Platform You Need?

Is a blog the platform you need?

This article is a sequel to my previous article on Website, a Subset of a Blog?

Blogging is more than just writing an online journal, it is a philosophy. A blogger is a person who is focussed in writing good content and to mark a distinction of his “piece of art” in the blogoshpere.

I view the blogoshpere as analogous to the Industry of cinema (whether Hollywood or Bollywood). It’s getting bigger and bigger, smarter and smarter and above all shaping its own territory in the abyss of the internet. Hence, you need to read, think and acquire some fundamental concepts of what blogging is, what it takes and whether you can make your emergence and your future survival in this ever growing industry.

Unlike my previous article, this one will be relatively short since there so many many informative content on the net, just google for it. I will end with some few key points based on my own self-experience till now.

What you should consider before stepping in the blogosphere:

1) Can you write good english? If you were good at GP writing essays in your college time, you already have a first fundamental requirement.

2) Are you motivated and inspired to write everyday or very often?

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3) Do you have the culture of “sharing” in yourself? As a blogger you will need to share a lot of your perceptions, experiences, qualities and your skills with your readers.

4) Can you afford to cope with frustrations? Yeah, as a blogger there are many frustrations

5) are you willing to respond to what others reactions and comments on your articles and you?

6) Can you tweak your blog, that is making some changes in the design and coding aspect of your blog. Yes, you will have to learn at least a small part of these to be successful.

7) Are you willing to devote much of your time online? Blogging eats a lot of your time and energy.

While there are much more things to consider like hosting and domain issues.. etc, the above are IMHO some of the deep questions you should ask yourself.

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