Don’t Snatch Your Own Success Talented Friends
Z Sokołowa Personal Development Don’t Snatch Your Own Success Talented Friends

Don’t Snatch Your Own Success Talented Friends

Don’t Snatch Your Own Success Talented Friends

Today while reading and writing my previous inspirational articles on Dreams Quotes By 2 Famous People, I felt a strange motivation deep inside me and I started to remember the deep moments that I had when I was still at school and university and which I still feel somehow at points in my life, including in blogging; I thought of sharing this moment with you since perhaps you might be feeling or living the same thing as me.

Having Good Hidden Skills Can Be A Bad Thing If…

As we grow up and during the course of our life, most of us become conscious of our own capabilities and limits. We start realizing that we have hidden talents or skills inside us. While this is a good thing, experience has told me that this can actually be a bad thing also. You might be saying what the hell? Having good skills is a bad thing? No, it’s not having it that is bad, it is ‘the frame of mind that this special trait shapes over time’ which is responsible in diverting us from obvious success if we are not careful enough about ourselves and taking actions at the right time.

How Is Our Special Talent Dangerous To Us – Side Effects

At the beginning, we will find ourself leading the class or group and being the number one for some time. As time passes, we start getting overconfident about our own performance. We start getting into the game of ‘the rabbit and the tortoise‘. We start getting lazy with the idea and lame excuse that we will catch up later on – each time we postpone things. Alas! That’s where the danger zone starts. Ok, let’s say that for some another period of time we might be able to catch up, but as the level of our education or work increases we find ourself lost in the middle of nowhere without realising it. The result is that we are lagging behind everytime and ending up seeing our mates performing a lot better than us, though knowing that we are worth more than what they are achieving. We begin developing a psychological block and a stressful mind which is now full of uncertainties and doubts on our own capabilities. In most cases, there’s a big chance that this behaviour is masked under our laziness which is now our best friend. “Damm, it’s so good to sleep, it’s so good to watch tv…, learning? Not now, we have all the time to catch up.” That’s how things goes.

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How To Know When We Are Going Astray? Symptoms

1) We are no more the number one, or among the best, in the class/group as we used to be

2) We are honestly (no jealousy here) frustrated a lot when we see others doing far better than us

3) We are lagging behind for things which appear so easy to do

4) We are digging our head with anxiety as we are not finding any success in life

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Explanation Of Why Your Team Mates Perform Even Without Talent

In our case, there’s a big chance that we are now late as compared to the others. The most important thing is that you try to think about why you are not performing. If you are reading this article, chances are that you have taken conscious and want to overcome the situation. Okay, I will save you time here by explaining to you what I have realised with time; You should understand and put into your mind the following reasoning:

→ Success is NOT about having skills or talent. Success is about hardwork, practice, practice and practice with a will to perform.

→ Without practice, you will go nowhere except in the abyss (failure) whatever the degree of your skills or talent.

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Therefore with the above reasoning, even if you are talented, you cannot perform without actually putting the required effort. Let’s say that your classmates are somewhat less talented than you, but they are practicing everyday on a regular basis. Now I hope you have at least heard this quote once: “practice makes perfect“. Despite the fact that those guys are not good at something, they will eventually perform because they are constantly doing the right thing, that is learning and practising. Out of 100 marks, you can only get 100. However talented you are, you cannot get more than 100points. So your mates are doing just that, that is to aim at the 100 points which is all achievable with enough practice.

It’s Time For Action – Your Talent Is Now Your Lethal Weapon

Alright, you have now understood your situation, so it’s now high time for action. At this stage, you cannot make any excuses to yourself nor waste time. If you haven’t got time to do it right, you now don’t have time to do it wrong either! Step out of your darkside, bring out the motivated and performing instinct inside you, start kicking the ass of those competitions/papers. Let’s say you have X hours or X days remaining till the start of the exams (or whatever assessing occasion), give the best of yourself each and every minute till X arrives. Lay out a plan first, plan what you have to learn/know. Observe and find out what part or pieces are most likely to be assessed – you be able to do that. And start practising. Now if you are the type of person that I have tried to portray in this article, you will surely come up with your own unique way of preparing yourself for the battle (each one of us have different methods as I have observed in real life). But whatever your techniques, there’s one key thing to remember:- “Always, and I mean it, always keep up hope even till the last second – the hope that you will do thing positive and that you will succeed whatever it takes you.” This is very realistic because for example, at some point in my life, I had onnly 1 day to pass an exam which was a tough one with notes of the length of a big huge book. I gave all my best that whole day and guess what? I succeeded the exam with an A (keep reading below). But you should also keep in mind that you need to have a good preparation of mind and physically also (spare energy) – be strong and convincing with yourself.

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Biggest Part – Celebrate And Reward Youself!

Now another very crucial part is to celebrate each and every winning battle. I remember when I came back home on that day, I knew I have done my utmost best and that I would score at least a B. That was a tremendous satisfaction for me, keeping in mind my situation. I celebrated my joy. And after the results officially came out, I once again celebrated with a bigger heart and motivation. The key point is that you need to reward yourself for every satisfaction you give yourself!

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