Know What Is The Key To Failure And Set For Success Convincingly
Z Sokołowa Personal Development Know What Is The Key To Failure And Set For Success Convincingly

Know What Is The Key To Failure And Set For Success Convincingly

Know What Is The Key To Failure And Set For Success Convincingly

Today, while I was reading an amazingly wonderful article titled “Are You A People Pleaser?”, written by Kelly, I remembered my own experience when I made my first steps as an online text-based game programmer/administrator.

I’m sure most of us have read a similar quote or philosophy, but may be not all of us have really experienced it. That’s why I will take this opportunity to share my own experience and show you the moral or conclusion drawn.

The Big Start As An Administrator And Coder

The first time I got the opportunity or privilege of being both an administrator and a programmer of an online text-base game, I felt like I was the most happiest man of this world; since I just love playing such web game systems. To have the chance of taking up the responsibility of actually handling it, was just one of my dreams come true. I owed this mainly because I seemed to have a very special feeling, emotion and care for that community and partly due to the fact that I was among the top players of that game (I ranked #1 for at least 2.5 or 3 years). I was really enjoying the big chance of making new friends from all over the world. All of them were just wonderful friends and players. I still remember, everyday, it used to be a must to communicate with each other and on the game parliaments. We had different countries and hence Prime Ministers, in the game and most of them treated me so well and it was just marvelous.

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The Big Mistake Of Pleasing Everyone – I Was Unexpectedly A Big Failure

Since I was a friend and colleague (ingame) of most of the players, I was actually working too hard (not to say working my ass-off like a fool), to please everyone. Yeah, I was madly trying and giving my level best to please EVERYONE. I, thus, felt and assumed that everyone should be happy with my earnest effort.

But alas, a small group of players developed a different mentality. They thought I was siding with my friends and partly jealous for whatever reasons. They even thought I was a corrupted administrator. This gradually brought havoc in the community as those players, who by now madly hated me, strived to make the game go downhill until it disrupts

As a young administrator (some 2years back), and baring the fact that it was my first ever experience, I was really badly hurt and at some point I even abondonned everything. You might say I was a coward to turn back, but believe me, you cannot imagine what was being said about me and what I was undergoing; it was like hell. People who once loved me, was now against me. Livebet88 think one of the catalyst in this process was while constructing a management team in the game and you know how elections goes..

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The Big Lesson I learned

I took a lot of time (months) thinking about why things went wrong and how I could solve it. But the main point which I realized (and which many of the players told me) was that I was a fool to try to please everyone. This time, when I will come back with my new online game soon before the end of this year 2008 (yes, I will be back), I will surely make things the way I want it to be. You can never please everyone; it’s best to make something generally accepted and move on with your own concepts and creativity.

Use Your Pitfalls To Lead Yourself To Success

It is very important that you know what mistakes you made in the past, and use it to shape your future success convincingly. It is undoubted that when you fall due to some reasons, you will not fall again if you’ve mastered what made you fell down the last time.

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