Method For Presentation Of Topics
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Method For Presentation Of Topics

Method For Presentation Of Topics

When you plan to write about something (applicable to any other article writing or GP Essays) a methodological approach must always be adopted. It can also be applied to an oral presentation of any topic.

This approach consists of a number of steps which are followed in a logical order:

1) STEP 1 – Understanding

You should make yourself understand the topic first! What it really means, what are its full implications..etc

2) STEP 2 – Definition / Introduction

You should first give a brief description or definition of the topic in a clear, simple language.

3) STEP 3 – Classification

You should classify the facts and details of the topic in a logical, coherent form for your reference.

For example:

– Start with a brief background/history of the topic

– present most common facts first (any general opinions that are already known)

– Show the positive aspects then the negative ones if it is a controversial topic

4) STEP 4 – Presentation / Development

You may now present your topic by following the order of details in the classified references/notes you made in STEP 3

– Use clear language

– Avoid complicated expressions

– In case of an oral presentation, pronounce technical terms clearly and slowly to ensure everyone understands

– Use illustrations only when it is necessary to explain

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– You may use references to arouse interests

– Entertain with a joke, but never do this if you are not sure

– You may add an emotional touch if you want, but never exaggerate

5) STEP 5 – Conclusion

You can now conclude by:

– giving your opinion

– summarising the main points

– Add any last message (make it a striking and impressive one)

This approach is the hard work, knowledge and experience that I have gained personally while I was a college student some 4 years back. All of 777 Slot articles on writing is based from my own experiences and insights and I have full trust on what I try to teach or show you and I sincerely hope it will be helpful to you. But I’m not in any means saying that I’m a perfect guy in writing.. but consider my “such type of” articles as a humble attempt of sharing the knowledge that I have gained freely from people whom I consider to have attained wisdom (I will surely and undoubtedly dedicate this Post to my evergreen English Guru aka my English teacher who is by now aged 70yrs old. Sir, you are always in my heart, God Bless!).

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