Why You Should Test Your Blog With Several Browsers
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Why You Should Test Your Blog With Several Browsers

Why You Should Test Your Blog With Several Browsers

Today I wasted like 1hr15mins just to look for an error in coding certain modifications for my blog.

It all started when, out of nowhere, I remembered an old ‘coding principle‘ which says “test your results in different platforms to make sure it’s really effective“. So, I said to my myself “lets view my blog in different browsers to see how things are“. I viewed my blog on Opera Browser, things were perfect. I viewed on Epiphany, things were still good. I viewed on Internet Explorer, the sidebar was down the page.. I said “IE is buggy“. Then I switched to Mozilla Firefox, I was very surprised to observe that a part of my sidebar was not being displayed! What has happened?

While making some changes in my sidebar, I have used some ‘non-standard‘ codes just for the sake of simplicity and rapidity. But I have not realized that this would have an impact on my blog. Have you noticed the area ‘Keep Updated on Wakish Wonderz‘ on the right side of this blog? This part was missing when viewed on Firefox. I was perplexed and tried this on another pc.. still same thing – meaning something was wrong in the codes.

I opened my editor, starred at the codes and scanned line by line. I tried several ways to know where exactly the bug was, but still in vain. I was tired and almost 1hr was gone. I went to drink some juice and came back looking at the codes again. Angrily, I was about to shut down everything when suddenly my eyes flashed on the “non-standard” codes I used. I eliminated that part and everything was looking fine, Eureka! Thus, I had to re-setup that part correctly and voila! Everything went fine after 1hr15mins.

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The lesson I learnt: “always test your pages in different browsers (preferably with the 3 most popular ones like opera, firefox and internet explorer)“. This way, you will rest assure that your viewers are reading and seeing things the way you want them to see!

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