Exhilarating My Site’s Full Potential To Titillate Traffic
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Exhilarating My Site’s Full Potential To Titillate Traffic

Exhilarating My Site’s Full Potential To Titillate Traffic

Since my inception as a blogger, I have tried and experiment a lot of things, either consciously or simply blindly. But recently, I’m deriving a lot of pleasure in putting what I have read and learned into actual mind-conscious experiments. I observe those experiments, compare it with what others says and finally I make my conclusions. (And I’m kind enough to share it with you?

Sensing Something In The Tunnel

One of the most craziest experiment I recently done, was to put the ranking of my site at stake which saw my site’s alexa rank dropping from 270,000 (approximately) to 1,040,000; you can read more here: Revealing My Experience With How Inactivity Affects My Blog’s Growth. But I did it with my trusted spirit to achieve the best, constantly reminding me that I can eventually come back with style. My spirit is revealing positive; I made a follow-up of my previous experiment saying my alexa rank is getting back; at that time it came from 1,040,000 to 1,013,000. Right now, if you check my alexa rank, it’s at a surprising 847,223 mark. Surprising because of the short laps of time (like 2 to 3 weeks) with which my alexa rank is getting back into the ranking game. You see, I’m not bluffing whatsoever!

And all that, without writing any pillar articles – as you can see for yourself in my Archives.

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So, how the heck am I getting back? (That’s the question you should be asking yourself right now if you haven’t)

The Answer And My New Experiment

=> I’m not using any kind of paying adverts, nothing like this. I have just simply stopped writing articles (about what I’m supposed to be writing on) and I’m investing that energy in optimizing my blog’s full potential in order to get more traffic from different sources, among which search engines being my favorite. But mind you, that does not mean I will be dumb, I will at times say ‘some crappy hellos’..

My blog has, till now, a mediocre amount of articles, 130 exactly, excluding this one. I believe that ‘writing and writing‘ does no good if I’m not being able to make the most out of my present ones. I want to exhilarate my site’s full potential and hence titillating Traffic. In simple terms, I will spend time in putting into practice what I have learned so far (and also in figuring how I can use my current contents) to drive traffic to them without spending money on campaigns like adwords..etc

The Big Question

How will Bet88 Casino do this experiment. As you have rightly guessed, I won’t reveal it yet until this experiment is over. But once done, I’ll once more share it with you as I did for my previous ones. Fair enough?

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I aslo believe that this experiment will eventually be at its peak at a certain point, hence indicating the end of the experiment. So keep abreast with Wakish Wonderz if you don’t want to miss out the results of my new exciting experiment!

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